About Us 

Principal, Alison Nelson, is a public health nutritionist and registered dietitian.

I have extensive leadership experience in national, regional and local public health programmes. Building on a firm background of employment within the NHS and Regional Government I am working with a wide range of organisations - health, local authority, NGOs and voluntary sector.  I specialise in food and health strategy, workforce development and weight management for children and families.

 Key Skills

  • Strategic planning and commissioning in food and health policy
  • Development, leadership and project management of public health nutrition/weight management strategy within the NHS, Department of Health and Local Authorities
  • Building partnerships, collaborations and public engagement
  • Individual and population behaviour change and influences on health choices
  • Team management within NHS and regional/local authorities
  • Building the workforce– needs assessment, training development and delivery
  • Managing change and reallocation of resources
  • Evidence based preparation of funding bids and business planning
  • Monitoring, evaluation and research